In the coffee farming regions of Honduras, many farms are owned by a single family.  Other families, called "coffee pickers," come from nearby villages to harvest the coffee by hand. 

Coffee pickers are paid an average of $1.60 per "lata" (6 pounds of green coffee) each day. They typically average about five "latas" per day for a daily wage of under $8.00.

This is their livelihood only three months out of the year during the coffee harvest. During the other nine months, corn, beans, and fruit are farmed to meet day to day needs. 

There are thousands of families living in devastating conditions with rundown, hazardous, and decaying homes. There is a lack of clean drinking water, proper sewage containment, and grey water disposal, which creates significant health issues and concerns. There is little to no opportunities for education or advancement in these communities.

Our commitment is to impact the lives of these local "coffee pickers" who lack these basic necessities.  Together, as volunteers locally and internationally, we can make a difference in their lives.








when they receive help!

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Your partnership impacts lives! 

Goals for 2019

$15,000 to build 5 homes for families 

$15,000 to buy water filters for 250 families 

$2,500 to provide scholarships for 15 children

$ 2,000 for school supplies for 100 children

$8,000 to build water storage units 40 families


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